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Very Easy Installation and Maintenance

Unlike other radiation hardened cameras, ISEC cameras only require 1 twisted pair of cable to send the video signal through the penetration and 1 twisted pair for camera movement control. ISEC has designed the cameras so that the electronics are located within the protective radiation hardened camera shell thus allowing for an installation with fewer cables.

Maintenance of the cameras is fast and easy thanks to ISEC’s modular design. When it is time to replace the electronics, you simply remove and replace the modules which can be done in less than 3 minutes and without removing the camera from its fixed location.

The RADCAM constitutes a camera system that easily lasts between fuel-change cycles, gives optimized operator functionality as well as fast, easy and safe maintenance. Due to its design, the installation of RADCAM cameras allows for smooth integration with existing systems. It also provides high-quality imaging to increase the ability to monitor, check and analyze all processes during both production and outages.

In addition to the RADCAM system, our video matrix and management system portfolio includes all other necessary devices for monitoring, measuring and supervising the plant’s equipment and processes. Together with the in-plant monitoring system, this will provide a full and complete view and tracking of the conditions within, as well as outside of, the in-containment areas.