IVS Monitoring System

ISEC’s IVS monitoring system is the eyes, ears and sensory components of the NMS, complementing the IMS in-plant monitoring system. IVS consists of a portfolio of products that is specifically developed for use within radioactive and demanding environments, offering exceptional durability, very high performance and functionality. The IVS monitoring system from ISEC is built and designed with quick and easy maintenance in mind.

The RADCAM family

ISEC’s long experience of designing monitoring equipment for radioactive environments has led to a number of unique product solutions, most notably the RADCAM family of radiation-tolerant cameras. The development of these product systems has been almost solely done in cooperation with nuclear plants, with testing undertaken during full production conditions.

The RADCAM constitutes a camera system that easily lasts between fuel-change cycles, gives optimized operator functionality as well as fast, easy and safe maintenance. Due to its design, the installation of RADCAM cameras allows for smooth integration with existing systems. It also provides high-quality imaging to increase the ability to monitor, check and analyze all processes during both production and outages.

In addition to the RADCAM system, our IVS portfolio includes all other necessary devices for monitoring, measuring and supervising the plant’s equipment and processes. Together with the in-plant monitoring system, IVS will provide a full and complete view and tracking of the conditions within, as well as outside of, the in-containment areas.