24/7/365 monitoring

ISEC produces analog and digital radiation hardened video systems for the nuclear industry worldwide. With our extensive experience we have the ability to help your site design and implement a turn key radiation hardened video monitoring system for any type of reactor regardless of existing infrastructure.


ISEC’s long experience of designing monitoring equipment for radioactive environments has led to a number of unique product solutions, most notably the RADCAM family of radiation tolerant cameras.

The development of these product systems has been almost solely done in cooperation with Swedish and French nuclear plants, with testing undertaken during full production conditions.


"We safeguard people and investments where ever there is ionizing radiation through Innovations."


Our Products and Solutions

ISEC offers a portfolio of radiation resistant cameras and complete video management systems for the nuclear industry. We also provide customized solutions based on special requests. All our solutions are specifically developed for use within radioactive environments, offering exceptional durability, very high performance and functionality.



"Nuclear monitoring systems can potentially save more than $1,500,000 per day in preventing unnecessary production stops."

Patented Solutions

Because research, development and innovation are at the core of our company culture, we have built a strong portfolio of patents in connection with our main business – nuclear monitoring systems. This not only benefits all of our customers and clients, but also our distribution partners all over the world.