24/7/365 monitoring

Nuclear monitoring systems (NMS) represent technologies and solutions reaching far ahead beyond standard NPP CCTV systems. To us, nuclear monitoring systems are a much more comprehensive concept.

Safety-driven innovation

The nuclear power plant and waste repository are hazardous environments with gamma and neutron radiation being the main danger factors, particularly within the “in-containment” areas.

To successfully monitor the activities within these harsh environments is of key importance. Surveying and assessing the status and functionality of all key equipment is an important factor.

Our Products

ISEC’s IVS monitoring system is the eyes, ears and sensory components of the NMS , complementing the IMS (in-plant monitoring system). IVS consists of a portfolio of products that is specifically developed for use within radioactive and demanding environments, offering exceptional durability, very high performance and functionality.



"Nuclear monitoring solutions can potentially save more than $1,500,000 per day in preventing unnecessary production stops."

Niklas Barringer, FOUNDER, ISEC

Patented Solutions

Because research, development and innovation are at the core of our company culture, we have built a strong portfolio of patents in connection with our main business – nuclear monitoring systems. This not only benefits all of our customers and clients, but also our distribution partners all over the world.