Safety-driven innovation

The nuclear power plant and waste repository are hazardous environments with gamma and neutron radiation being the main danger factors, particularly within the “in-containment” areas.

To successfully monitor the activities within these harsh environments is of key importance. Surveying and assessing the status and functionality of all key equipment is one important factor. The other is, of course, surveilling all personnel exposed to radioactivity during repair and maintenance work‚ both during outages and during production.

Radiation-tolerant Camera Systems

The RADCAM family of radiation-tolerant cameras is the proven standard in advanced audiovisual process monitoring within NPPs. With its patented neutron absorbing outer body, its high tolerance to gamma radiation and effective onboard cooling system, the RADCAM is designed to perform within the harshest of environments.

The RADCAM Epsilon and Omega are patented in 21 countries, and we continually develop new camera concepts to meet specific demands. One of these is the RADCAM Mobile, a moveable RADCAM camera with a radiation-tolerant cable reel that allows ad hoc placement within the facility where needed.

Video Management Software

The AVISS video management software is one example of our NPP-dedicated software solutions. It gives control-room operators the ability to monitor all relevant floors, areas and equipment in a user-friendly, secure and logical way. This constitutes an important safety factor at all nuclear power plants.

All AVISS installations are customized for each plant and the operators are presented with maps, drawings and views that immediately feel familiar and intuitive. Its object-oriented structure makes addressing predefined camera and equipment positions easy.

IVS Monitoring Systems

Our IVS monitoring system is an information handling system that collects camera, audio, temperature, radiation data, and other similar variables for transmission to the central NMS data collection hub. IVS handles both digital and analog signals and also works as a true hybrid system.

This flexibility makes it compatible with the full spectrum of ISEC’s video, audio and other measuring equipment, as well as most other manufacturers’ equipment within a plant or site.

Why Using Camera Monitoring?